Having swam an English Channel relay at the age of seventeen I rediscovered my love of open water swimming twenty years later.

For the past three years, with the unwavering support of my wife and three girls, I have successfully completed several challenges including swimming Loch Lomond (2014) and the English Channel (2015).

I have been introduced to the benefits of an LCHF diet for marathon swimming and general wellbeing by my good friend and Ultra Endurance Athlete, Luke Tyburski.

Training continues and with the support of my amazing friends and family, I will be pushing myself further than ever before with two record breaking challenges later this year.

profileRead my ramblings, follow my progress and why not challenge yourself!

One Comment

  1. Respect Adrian, respect. Read through and recognised a few things from my land endeavours. Namely, know thyself (and learn a lot more along the way) and have a supportive family. Look forward to more.



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